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Wound and Ostomy Care

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  • Carefix Finger/Toe
    Carefix Finger/Toe
    AED 90

    Availability: In Stock

    Package: 20 pieces per box.

                    Price per box.

    Effective wound care requires textile fixation devices offering retention of all types of dressings or bandages on different parts of the body, where bandages can be difficult to place.

  • Stomasafe Plus
    Stomasafe Plus
    AED 84 AED 140

    Availability: In Stock

    Ostomy Support Belt.

  • Carefix Head
    Carefix Head
    AED 80

    Availability: In Stock

    Elastic dressing fixation (pre-cut).

    Package: 10 pcs per box; Price per box

  • Stomasafe Classic
    Stomasafe Classic
    AED 60 AED 100

    Availability: In Stock

    Ostomy Support Belt.

  • Carefix Headband
    Carefix Headband
    AED 120 AED 200

    Availability: In Stock

    Package: 10 pcs per box; price per box

    Wound sites must be protected from pathogens and further injury in order to promote healing. 

    Our CareFix fixation products for wound patients prevent the displacement of dressings. We’ve designed CareFix to protect sensitive skin and make adhesive bandages unnecessary.

    The products are pre-cut and ready to use, saving time and avoiding needless waste.