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Range: AED 0 - AED 604.8

Self Intermittent Catheters

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  • Cure Closed System
    Cure Closed System
    AED 425

    Availability: In Stock

    Unisex catheter with guaranteed leakage-free collection bag.

    Package: 25pcs per box; Price per box

  • IQ-Cath Single Use Catheter
    IQ-Cath Single Use Catheter
    AED 604.8

    Availability: Sold Out

    IQ-Cath Single Use Catheter for ISC

    Package: 30pcs per box; Price per box

    4-6 times a day, 150 times a month, 1800 times a year. This is about as often as an average user of the ISC inserts the catheter through the urethra to empty the bladder.

    Here the quality and the application safety of the catheter are crucial, in particular for men. The IQ-Cath has the respective properties for you to catheterize over many years in a safe and saving manner.

  • Curan Man
    Curan Man
    AED 350

    Availability: In Stock

    The compact, ready-to-use catheter with Blue Grip® for men.

  • Curan Advantage Plus
    Curan Advantage Plus
    AED 250

    Availability: In Stock

    Hydrophilic coated catheters.

    Package: 25pcs per box;Price per box

  • Curan Lady
    Curan Lady
    AED 360

    Availability: In Stock

    Compact, ready-to-use female catheter.

    Package: 30 pcs per box; Price per box

  • Cure Catheters Plain
    Cure Catheters Plain
    AED 90

    Availability: Sold Out

    Standard catheter for intermittent self-catheterization.

    Package: 30pcs per box; Price per box

  • Cure Hydrophilic Coated
    Cure Hydrophilic Coated
    AED 185

    Availability: Sold Out

    Cure hydrophilic coated catheters.

    Package: 30pcs per box; Price per box