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Cure Closed System

AED 425

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Unisex catheter with guaranteed leakage-free collection bag.

Package: 25pcs per box; Price per box

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The Curan Cure Closed System is an intermittent catheter with a 1,500 ml collection bag. The catheter is free from aggressive softening agents. Just like all other Curan catheters, the Cure Closed System is fitted out with smooth polished eyelets, which allow for risk-free insertion and prevent irritation. The catheters are packaged individually and sterile, for single use, and are provided with comfortable hydrogel, making them ready to use.

For extra security, each collection bag is individually tested and guaranteed leakage-free.

The main advantages at a glance 
•    free from aggressive softening agents 
•    smooth polished eyelets make insertion risk-free and prevent irritation
•    provided with hydrogel
•    guaranteed leakage-free collection bag
•    thanks to the flexible connector, it can also be easily connected to a night bag

 The Cure Closed System is available in different sizes, for both men and women.

Package: Box of 25

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