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Cure Hydrophilic Coated

AED 185

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Cure hydrophilic coated catheters.

Package: 30pcs per box; Price per box

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Cure hydrophilic coated catheters are fitted with smooth polished eyelets and a hydrophilic coating: this offers extra comfort during insertion, risk-free and with no irritation. These catheters are also free from aggressive softening agents. Furthermore, all male catheters are fitted out with our unique Blue Grip®: an ingenious tool for inserting catheters without hand contact. This is easy, very hygienic and fully aimed at preventing infections.

The main advantages at a glance

  • free from aggressive softening agents
  • smooth polished eyelets prevent irritation during insertion
  • hydrophilic coating for extra comfort during insertion
  • male catheters are fitted out with the unique Blue Grip® tool for easy and hygienic insertion
  • comes with a flexible connector for simple connection to a night bag

These catheters are available in different sizes, for both men and women. They are packaged individually and sterile, for single use. 

Package: Box of 30

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