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SAUER Functional Bag

AED 294

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We have designed the functional bag to fulfil demands for night bags with high capacity. It can also be attached to the leg when the wearer is up for short periods. Furthermore, the different types of outlet guarantee a higher degree of independence for people suffering from restricted dexterity of the hands.

The sterile version of the SAUER Functional Bag is also suited for use with indwelling catheters.

Available Options:


a. SAUER Functional Bag with Fixed Adapter

For use at night and for bedridden people, with higher capacity. Connects well to all urinary sheaths and indwelling catheters.

•    Rectangular shape; straight inlet
•    capacity 2.0 litres, with graduation
•    tube either 90 cm or 120 cm, fixed length
•    Inlet: fixed adapter, smooth or stepped; nonreturn valve
•    Outlet: Swing tap, turn tap or sliding tap
Notice: The smooth adapter has been approved of for usage with sheaths, the stepped adapter is suitable for usage with catheters.

100 % testing
To increase security for the user, every bag is individually tested for leaks and functional capability.

Usable as Urine Collection Leg Bag.

 Also available in sterile version.

Not Available
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