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Urinary Sheath

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  • Self-adhesive Sheath without buffer zone
    Self-adhesive Sheath without buffer zone
    AED 219.45 AED 231

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    Package: 30pcs per box; Price per box

    Apart from the self-adhesive condoms SAUER-Comfort with the typical buffer zone, there are further models available with a more rigid funnel that can help to apply the condom e.g. when circumcised.

  • SAUER Skin Adhesive
    SAUER Skin Adhesive
    AED 80.52

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    For more than 30 years successfully for the fixation of urinary sheaths. Liquid skin adhesives provide the safest bonding between the skin and sheath. Unlike the self-adhesive sheaths they allow an individual handling; this means that the user himself can determine the required quantity of adhesive, the length of the adhesive zone and the size of the buffer zone.

  • SAUER-Comfort with  Buffer Zone
    SAUER-Comfort with Buffer Zone
    AED 692.28

    Availability: Sold Out

    Package: 30pcs per box; Price per box

    The self-adhesive urinary sheath, SAUER-Comfort has a self-adhesive film which allows you to put on the sheath quicker and more easily. Our range of skin adhesives are designed to fit for any skin conditions and are providing a secure and skin friendly adhesion between the sheath and the skin. These urinary sheaths are available in different sizes. Our self-adhesive urinary sheaths are available in 5 types to suit the individual requirements of the users. The different types vary in the length of the buffer zone and the strength of the adhesive.